Alexander the great

Alexander The Great

Alexander The Great the warrior leader of Greece who lead the Spartans to conquer many parts of Europe V.S.Shaka Zulu the warrior prince that lead his people to take over most of Africa.

Alexander The Great's Weapons
Short Range Xiphos 20%
Mid Range Javelin 10%
Long Range Spear 40%
Special Weapons Shield 30%

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Shaka Zulu

Shaka Zulu's Weapons
Short Range Iklwa and Ishlangu 60%
Mid Range Iwisa 30%
Long Range Zulu Axe 5%
Special Weapons Spit of Poison 5%


4 Zulu warriors and Shaka approach Alexander's camp site,Alexander and his men are watching from the trees and when they get to the camp site they start their attack.One Zulu warrior Spat in one of the men's eyes,but he doged and charged his spear into the Zulu.Alexander watches and a Zulu approaches him and tries to attack with his Iklwa and Ishlangu combination,but Alexander uses his Xiphos to slice his shield arm off then stabbed the Zulu killing him.Shaka then uses his Zulu Axe to hook around a warrior's arm and cuts it off then gets it around his neck and pulls.Then Alexander's men charge the Zulus remaining,the 3 Zulus remaining put their shields up and Alexander's men fire their Javelins at the shields tearing through them.Then one of the Zulus throws his Iwisa injuring one of the men then the Zulus charge back and then the Zulu kills the warrior he hit.Alexander tells his men to draw their swords and attack the nearest Zulu while he chases their leader.Then they attack one of them charging a Zulu with a spear into the chest,but is then killed by another Zulus small blade,the last 2 warriors start to duel and the Zulu starts by throwing his Iwisa hitting the warrior and then dicing him up.Alexander sees the Zulu approaching and throws his spear through the Zulu's head,and then continues chasing the Zulu leader,but Shaka turns and throws his Iwisa at the shield of Alexander,but he returns the favor by throwing his spear into his leg and,then runs up to Shaka and stabs him repeatedly with his Xiphos.He then screams in victory.

Alexander The Great:Wins

Shaka Zulu:Loses

I was very happy Alexander won with 567 kills opposed to Shaka's 433.