Aliens otherworldly warriors who have tech beyond our time V.S. Cowboys western warriors who slaughtered many people

Cowboys weapons
Short Range Revolvers 50%
Mid Range Dynamite 10%
Long Range Winchester Rifle 10%
Special Weapons Cars and Horses 30%
41A7Kn3lEtL. SL160 AA160



Alien Leader

Alien Weapons
Short Range Laser Sword 20%
Mid Range Blaster Pistol 20%
Long Range Frag Grenades 10%
Special Weapons Alien Armor 50%


4 aliens exit their ship and split up into the forest.The cowboys drive into the forest in their cars and on their horses they too split up.Alien 3 meets up with the lead cowboy and they start shooting at each other with their pistols the cowboy land a dead center shot in between the eyes an continues on in his car.The lead alien meets with the 2nd cowboy the cowboy on his horse throws dynamite at the alien.The alien dodges and slices up the horse and then slices the cowboy's head off.The 3rd cowboy spots the 2nd alien and starts driving towards him and tells the 4th cowboy to take the wheel the and he uses his rifle to blow the head off the alien's head.The 4th alien starts looking through the swamps and sees the car and throws his frag grenade it blows up the car.Then the lead cowboy shoves dynamite down the alien's throat.He then blows up,but he and the alien leader are now facing off the alien runs into the cowboy with his laser sword and kills him. He then says "Nock Ten Yack For"(I will take your world).