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Blackbeard the ruthless pirate lord who terrorize all of the carribean V.S. Jesse James the gun slinging cowboy that terrorized many western people

Blackbeard's weapons
Short Range Cutlass 60%
Mid Range Flintlock Pistol 20%
Long Range Blunderbuss 10%
Special Weapons Grenado 10%
Jesse James

Jesse James

Jesse James weapons
Short Range Revolvers 50%
Mid Range Winchester Rifle 20%
Long Range Dynamite 10%
Special Weapons Horses 20%


Jesse James and his 4 James gang rode into the western plains and split up.Blackbeard's men and him swim ashore and split up.One of Blackbeard's men start towards the jail and he meets Jesse James and Jesse pulls his pistols and shoots the pirate.Blackbeard walks onto shore and is intercepted by one of James' men and Blackbeard pulls his cutlass and guts Jesse James' man.Blackbeard then goes over to another one of James' men and shoots him in the head.Jesse James then finds one of blackbeard's men and throws some dynamite at one of Blackbeard's men and kills him.The 3rd of Blackbeard's men finds one of Jesse James cowboys he pulls up his blunderbuss completely obliterating his chest.The last 2 of James men meets the last 2 of Blackbeard's men one of them is on a horse and fires his winchester almost hitting one of the pirates then they strike back.One of the pirates throws a grenado killing the man on the horse.Then James appears and blasts the pirate in the head.The other pirate pulls his pistol and blasts the other cowboy in the heart.Blackbeard then appears and Jesse James fires his last shot hitting the pirate.Then Blackbeard pulls his cutlass and charges at James he tries shooting his pistol,but then realizes it is out of ammo he then tries to smash the gun on Blackbeard's head.But he is to late the cutlass drives through him before he has a chance to attack.Blackbeard then pulls out some rum drinks it then pulls a cigare and lights it,before walking off to his ship.


Jesse James:Loses

Blackbeard won 550 battles while Jesse James had 450.