The CIA the ruthless Cold War Operatives who fought against the Soviet Union V.S. The Mafia ruthless crime lords that terrrorized New York.

SpyBond Gallery 3

CIA agent

CIA weapons
Short Range Garrotte 5%
Mid Range Suitcase Gun 10%
Long Range MAC-10 40%
Mid Range 2 AMT Hardballer 40%
Special Weapons Cigarre Bomb 5%



Mafia Weapons
Short Range Baseball Bat 30%
Mid Range Sawed Off Shotgun 5%
Long Range Tommy Gun 50%
Special Weapons Ice Pick 5%
Explosive Weapons Molotov Cocktail 10%


4 Mafia gang members enter the buisness building ready to meet with the 4 CIA agents.The 1st agent enters the Mafia's commander they have a trade off,but the CIA gives the Mafia a exploding cigarre he lights it and sticks it in his mouth.Then the Mafia's head is blown up the CIA then takes his money and evidence and exits the room.

After exiting the office and heading down the stairs he sees his partner and taps him telling him let's go.Then a Mafia member in the corner pulls out his bat and smashes the agent in the head twice.Then the CIA agent with the cash and information then blasts the member in the head with his MAC-10.He exits the building yelling to his partner to start the car,but Molotov Cocktail flies through the window and kills the agent.The lead agent tells the last agent to go in the factory and he heads to the factory power station.The lead Mafia member follows the agent into the factory and the member follows the lead agent.The Mafia leader walks in and sees the agent and starts blasting,but misses he tries to fire again,but sees he used all his ammo so he switches to his sawed off-shotgun.The lead Mafia runs in nearly being shot by the agent's AMT Hardballer.He then blasts the agent with his shotgun.The last member of the Mafia follows the lead CIA agent he comes in with a Ice Pick the agent then fires his last shots of his suitcase gun at the member.Both leaders run out of the buildings and attack each other with their short range weapons CIA with his Garrotte and the Mafia with his Ice Pick they charge at each other,but the Mafia's Ice Pick stabs the CIA's head killing him.He then takes the cash and evidence then lights a cigarre and walks away.



I really thought the CIA was going to win but the Mafia was victorious with 615 battles against CIA's 295 wins.