Canadian Special Ops

Canadian Armed Forces

Canadian Armed Forces brave men and women protecting Canada and defeating enemies V.S. Isreali Comandos the elite Isreal task force that have thwarted many terorist attempts.

Canadian Armed Forces Weapons
Short Range Browning High Power Pistol 10%
Mid Range Colt Canada C7 Rifle 20%
Long Range C14 Timberwolf Sniper Rifle 30%
Special Weapons C6 GPMG Machine Gun 20%
Explosive Weapons M72 LAW rocket 20%

Israeli Commandos

Israeli Commandos Weapons
Short Range KA-BAR 20%
Mid Range Glock 19 20%
Long Range Micro Galil 30%
Special Weapons Semtex 30%


4 Canadian Armed Forces troops enter a Iraeli complex,and the 4 Commandos are waiting inn their complex to ambush them.The commandos leader then shouts to his comrades to go and split up and find the troops.The troops have the same idea split up and destroy the enemy,the lead Canadian troop turns a hallway and pulls his pistol and his Colt C7 and continues.He then meets a commando and fires his rifle,killing the commando with his pistol after he sees how much ammo he has left in both guns and realizes his rifle is out.He then tosses it aside pulls out his sniper and runs out a door and gets down to snipe anyone coming through that way.One of the troops pulls his C6 and then turns a corner,then one of the commandos pulls out his Glock 19 and his KA-BAR he turns and sees the troop and fires his gun injuring the troop and then stabs him multiple times killing him.He then runs and pulls Micro Galil and is met by a troop and he fires killing him laughing,he turns and sees the lead snipe him in the head.The last troo is then met by the last commando they both pull their pistols,ironicly firing at the same time and killing each other.Then the 2 leaders meet in a bolier room they fight each other with their short range the Canadian's pistol fires injuring the commando he then picks up some chains and ties up the commando and runs out of the building and fires a M72 LAW rocket right into the boiler room killing the commando.He the yells in victory and limps towards a truck coming to pick him up.

Canadian Armed Forces:Wins

Isreali Commandos:Loses

I was not surprised since I live in Canada I was happy about the out come.The Armed Forces won with 674 kills and the Isreali Commandos 326 kills.