Aztec warrior

Aztec Warrior

Conquistadors the ruthless Spanish rulers who search through South America and Mexico for Gold V.S. Aztec Eagles who were the greatest of thhe Aztec warriors who had captured many prisoners for sacrifice to the gods.

Aztec Eagle's Weapons
Short Range Aztec Knife 10%
Mid Range Huitzaqui and Tepoztopilli 20%
Long Range Tlahuitolli Bow 20%
Special Weapons Atlatl and Tlacochtli 20%
Armor Soaked Cotten Armor and Chimali Sheild 30%



Conquistador's Weapons
Short Range Spanish longsword and Buckler 20%
Mid Range Poleaxe 20%
Long Range Arquebus 10%
Special Weapons Crossbow 20%
Armor Steel Curiass 30%


4 Conquistadors walk over a hill and stare down at a Aztec temple,they then walk down to the temple and each pul oe weapon from their arsenal that none of the others are weilding at the moment.4 Aztec warriors are praying on top of their temple and sceam attack in Aztec and charge."Captura para interrogatorio de Senor Cortes!!!"yells the lead conquistador firing his Arquebus killing a Aztec he then laughs and charges with his sword drawn.The lead Aztec then fires his Atlatl and Tlacochtli killing a Conquistador,anothe then fires their bow missing the lead Conquistador by inches."Matar la Aztecas y no parada hasta ellos son todos muerto!!!!"yells the lead Conquistador as one of his men shoots a Aztec killing him with the crossbow.The lead Aztec is unsatisfied and uses his Huitzaqui to kill a Conquistador and the throws his Tepoztopilli to kill the last Conquistador,thinking he is done he starts to walk to his temple and hears his partner.He rushes and sees him with the poleaxe in his chest, he turns and is stabbed in the head with the longsword.When he sees the Aztec is dead the lead Conquistador yells"VICTORIA!!!"


Aztec Eagles:Loses

I was not surprised that the Conquistadors won.Conquistadors won with their advanced weaponry with 689 kills and Aztec Eagles with 311 kills.