Count Dracula

Count Dracula the famous blood sucking Transylvanian monster first made in Bram Stoker's novel V.S. Count Orlock the blood sucking vampire known in the movies.

Dracula's Weapons
Short Range Cane sword 20%
Mid Range Nagant M1895 Revolver 20%
Long Range Lever Action Rifle 20%
Special Weapons Black magic 40%

Count Orlock's Weapons
Short Range Vampire Claws 30%
Mid Range Bat Mode or Smoke Mode 30%
Special Weapons Black Magic 40%
Count Orlock

Count Orlock


4 Dracula vampires and Dracula awaken from sleep and walk out of their cave to find 5 other vampires running towards the cave."Go down the sides of the moutain,kill the intruders and then come straight back."whispered Dracula entering his cave and picking up all his weapons then muttering a few spells to remember them.Orlock's men and him approach the mountain cave and start to take different trails up the mountain.Orlock's 1st man meets Dracula's 1st man and he tries slashing Dracula's man,but fails to because he turned to smoke he then reappears and fires his revolver in his face.He then turns up the mountain and goes up to a fork where he finds a dead companion,he pulls his rifle and looks around trying to find the one who did this.He then turns seeing a vampire who works for Orlock and fires his rifle,but he turns to smoke and it misses he then sees him transform into a bat and then hears Transivanian speach and the vampire who works for Dracula is then transformed to dirt.The vampire then transforms into a vampire and laughs not even hearing Dracula's last 2 men pull their cane swords and gut him.They then turn facing the last 2 Orlock Vampires and lift their swords and hiss they then charge one of them killing a Orlock Vampire and one of the Orlock Vampires killing one of Dracula's the last 2 face and say the same spell at the same time making each other burst into flames.Dracula now tired of waiting starts down the mountain facing Orlock who is looking at his flaming vampire trying to save him Dracula then pulls his cane sword and stabs him trough the back of the head.He then says"Another fool that tried to take down COUNT DRACULA!!!!!!!!!"

Count Dracula:Wins

Count Orlock:Loses

I was not surprised who the real vampire lord was.Dracula won with 690 kills and Orlock with 310 kills.