A Mummy undead hores from ancient Egypt V.S. A skeleton warrior a brutal undead killer from ancient China.

Mummy Warrior's Weapons
short range Scimitar 20%
mid range Slingshot 10%
long range Spear 20%
Special Weapons Shield 50%
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Lead Skeleton

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|+Skeleton Warrior's Weapons |Short Range |Bones 20% |- |Mid Range |Bone Axe 20% |- |Long Range |Shuriekens 10% |- |Special Weapons |Skeleton Armor 40% |}

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Lead Mummy

Battle 5 mummies start prowling through the deserts searching for a worthy opponent like when they were living.5 skeletons are also shifting through the sands.The leaders of both teams tell their men to split up.The 2nd mummy and the 3rd skeleton then meet.The skeleton strikes the first attack by throwing a shurieken a the mummy's shoulder injuring him.But,the mummy fires back with a spear right through the skeleton's head.The mummy starts running but is intercepted by the 2ndskeleton and he cuts the mummy's head off.On the opposite side of the desert the 4th skeleton is met by the 3rdmummy the mummy drawns his scimitar and the skeleton pulls out his bone.The mummy strikes,but hits the armor then the mummy jumps out of the way from a bone attack.He then slices the bone,chops off the skeleton's arms,and then cuts off his head.He runs down a hill,but is now fighting the 5th skeleton.He raises his axe and chops down but is stopped in it's tracks by the mummy's shield.They are pushing against each other's weapons,but then a spear is throw through the skeleton's head.The mummy sees his leader and is over joyed but he is then shot in the back 5 times by shuriekens.The lead mummy sees the 2nd skeleton and in his hand is the 4th mummy's head in his hand.Then just in time the last mummy arives and just after that he realizes that the skeleton leader has arrived both leaders attack,the mummy with the slingshot and the skeleton with the shurieken.Both hit each other's warrior both pull their signature weapon,mummy's scimitar and shield and the skeleton's axe they both charged.The axe lands on the shield,but then the mummy lands the scimitar around the skeleton's neck and pulls forward which chops off the skeleton's head the mummy then shuffles away in to the desert. Mummy:WinsSkeleton:Loses