Giant warrior

Giant Warrior

Giant Warriors the blood thirsty killers who live in freezing cold areas such as mountains V.S. Elven Archer Warriors the elite archers and with their pinpoint shooting makes them deadly killers.

Giant Warrior's Weapons
Short Range Giant Copper Sword 20%
Mid Range Giant Steel Hammer 30%
Long Range Giant Bone Spear 10%
Armor Giant Steel Sheild and Giant Steel Armor 40%

Lego elf

Elven Warrior

Elven Warrior's Weapons
Short Range Elven Steel Dagger 10%
Mid Range Elven Copper Spear 20%
Long Range Elven Composite Bow 50%
Armor Elven Chainmail and Sheild 20%


4 Elven Warriors stroll through the forest bows ready to fire,and on the opposite side of the forest the Giants approach looking for men to eat.The elves see the giants and ready their bows the lead tells the archers each to fire 5 arrows at the giant's heart they all load 5 arrows and fire hitting the right spot killing the giant.The rest of the giants pull their hammers smashing the ground trying to get them unfortunately one of the elves were caught under the dead giant and a hammer lands on him.The rest of the elves throw their daggers at a giant's leg,he moans in pain and pulls his sword and swings nearly hitting one of the elves.They then throw their spears hitting the giant's heart he wobbles and then collapses on a elf trapping him.The other elves run on forgetting their friend he yells,but looks to see a spear go through his body.The other 2 elves turn and a spear comes disintagrating the elves sheilds they then fire their bows taking down another giant,but the giant lands on the whole body of the elf killing him.The lead elf fires a arrow and hits the giant's shield he then throws all his daggers at the giant's leg,and while he is trying to stop the pain the elf fires 5 arrows in his head and collapes in front of the elf.The elf mutters something and walks away mourning the loss of his brothers.

Elven Warriors:Wins

Giant Warriors:Loses

I was sure elves would win because the giants were so big and so slow.The Elves won with 679 wins and 321 kills.