The Gurkhas elite Nepalian who were one of the deadliest warriors in the world V.S. Spetsnaz these elite warriors were used to go behind enemy lines and did acts such as espionage,sabotage,assasination and stealing of enemy info.


Spetsnaz Soldier

Spetsnaz Weapons
Short Range Makarov Pistol 20%
Mid Range Saiga Shotgun 10%
Long Range Automatic AK-74 Carbine 15%
Long Range Sniper Dragunov Rifle 5%
Special Weapons Ballistic Knife 20%
Special Weapons 2 RGD-5 Grenade

Gurkhas Charging

Gurkhas Weapons
Short Range Kukri 30%
Mid Range Enfield No. 4 Rifle 30%
Long Range Bren Light Machine Gun 40%


4 Spetsnaz members enter the Gurkhas' camping ground and they all pull their weapons and one stays behind to be sniper,the rest then head for the Gurkhas' camp grounds.The Gurkhas run out of their tents and fire their rifles missing,and one Spetsnaz tosses their grenade at the troops killing one.Then the sniper fires missing his target,then the Gurkhas pull their machine guns and fire killing one of the members and then they start to run and the members follow.One Spetsnaz pulls his knife and sees his target then fires killing another troop and another then throws his Kukri at a Spetsnaz and landing in his head.The last 2 warriors on each side meet and fire at each other,the AK killing one Gurkhas and the lead one fires his rifle killing the Spetsnaz,but the Spetsnaz leader then smacks the Gurkhas with his gun and then fires his shotgun.The lead Spetsnaz then yells"YA SPETSNAZ!!!!(I AM SPETSNAZ)"



I was a little surprised.The Spetsnaz won with 679 kills and Gurkhas with 321.