Lego knight

Lego Knight on his horse

A Knight the Middle Age killers who ruled with a iron fist V.S. A highlander the scottish warriors who fought for their homeland.

Knight's Weapons
Short Range Falchion Sword 30%
Mid Range Halberd 20%
Long Range Crossbow 10%
Special Weapons Spiked Gauntlets 20%
Rides Horse 20%



Highlander's Weapons
Short Range War Hammer 20%
Mid Range Claymore 40%
Long Range Ball and Chain 20%
Special Weapons Targe and Dirk 20%


4 Highlanders approach aforest trail where their enemy knights will come through.As scheduled the knights on their horses,one of the highlanders strike first by throwing his ball and chain at one of the knght's horses,breaking it's leg.The knight then angrily jumps off the horse and fires his crossbow randomly hitting the highlander in the head.The rest then jump out as it begins to rain and they attack.One highlander pulls his targe and dirk and attacks the lead knight who then grabs his halberd and chops it down on his head.Then the lead highlander pulls his war hammer and smashes in one of the knight's head disorienting him and then the highlander continues to smash killing him on the 4th blow.Then he and his last highlander pull their Claymore and run towards the last few knights one both killing the last 2 knights but then the lead knight's blade goes through the last highlander's head and both leaders face the knight dismounting his horse and drawing his sword then flipping his visor down he chages the highlander's sword hits the armor of the lead knight and the lead knight then cuts the head off the highlander.Tired and covered in blood he lifts his visor jumps on his horse,and rides back to his castle.



I had a felling knight would win.The knight was victorious with a close 513 battles and the Highlander with 487.