SWAT officer

SWAT the military task force responsible for taking out many different foes V.S. The Medellin Drug Cartel brutal drug dealers who brought in millions of dollars for the crimes.

SWAT's weapons
Short Range Benelli M4 Shotgun 40%
Mid Range PSD Machine Gun 30%
Long Range Remington 700 Sniper Rifle 20%
Special Weapons Tazer Shockwave 10%


Medellin Drug Cartel Member

Medellin Drug Cartel Weapons
Short Range Machete 5%
Mid Range Mini Uzi 30%
Long Range M60 Machine Gun 60%
Special Weapons Car Bomb 5%


4 Medellin Drug Cartel members are having success with their proceeds,while the SWAT arrive in their van. The members then stop partying and start to split up.The SWAT burst in and split up the lead Cartel is followed by the 3rd officer,he then hides when the officer passes he pulls his machete and slits his throat.The lead officer then turns to see if he is being followed he then pulls out his Benelli M4 and hides.A member stops beside him not realizing he is there the officer the pulls the trigger,but misses and the member fires with his Mini Uzi nearly clipping the officer's helmet.The officer then pulls his tazer gun and fires at him paralyzing him so he can shoot his head.After the member is dead he sees another member coming down the corridor,he then runs.Once exiting the corridor he is met by his last 2 partners and sees a high ledge and tells one of them to go up there and start sniping.After that is done the last 3 members appear,the sniper then takes out one with his gun killing him.The last 2 members split up one heads upstairs to take out the sniper and the lead gets the other 2.The sniper is unaware of the member over his head with his M60 and the member then fires killing the man then going to help the leader.The lead soon catches up with the SWAT and realizes one of them is going to start their van laughing to himself he activates his car bomb planted on the van,killing the officer inside.The lead officer then sees the other member and fires with his PSD killing him,then he pulls his Tazer Gun and fires it at the lead Cartel member and then fires his PSD at his head.The SWAT then lifts his goggles and walks away.


Medellin Drug Cartel:Loses

I had a strong feeling the SWAT would win with 735 battles and the Cartel with only 265 battles.