Navy SEALs the elite task force capable for land,sea,and air missons V.S. A Taliban deadly task force in Afganistan.

Navy SEAL weapons
Short Range Recon 1 Knife 20%
Mid Range SIG Sauer P226 30%
Long Range M4 Colt Commando 40%
Special Weapons C4 10%

Toy taliban


Taliban weapons
Short Range Bayonet 10%
Mid Range AK-47 Assult Rifle 50%
Long Range RPG Rocket Launcher 30%
Special Weapons PMN Mine 10%


4 Taliban are patroling their warehouse near the sea,then the Navy SEALs rise out of the ocean and strap the C4 to one of the taliban's boat.Then the 2nd taliban approaches the boat and rides out,then the SEAL's leader activates the bomb obliterating the boat.The Taliban leader gets up and grabs his AK-47 and exits the warehouse to see the SEALs rise up and one of them shooting and killing his man.Frightened he re-enters the ware house,while this is happening the last taliban blasts his RPG,destroying one of the SEALs then he charges one with his Bayonet killing one more of the SEALs,but the SEALs leader kills him.The lead SEAL and his last soilder head to the roof of the warehouse where the soilder steps on a PMN mine,killing him the Taliban then starts firing his gun but misses the Navy SEAL shoots and injures the taliban and finally killed him with his recon knife.He then took off his hat and yelled in victory.

Navy SEAL:Wins


I wasnot surprised that the Navy SEALs won with 575 against the Taliban's 425.