Green Beret

Green Beret Captain

The Green Berets the elite US military task force who's many missons are still shrouded in mystery V.S. the Nazi Waffen SS who's many deeds of terror made them famous for being the enemy every american feared.

Green Beret's Weapons
Short Range E-Tool 10%
Mid Range M4 A1 20%
Long Range M24 30%
Short Range 2 Beretta M9 10%
Special Weapons M67 20%
Special Weapons 2 Flashbang 10%

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Nazi Waffen SS Captain

Nazi Waffen SS Weapons
Short Range Walther P38 30%
Mid Range MP18 20%
Long Range STG 44 20%
Special Weapons Flammenwerfer 20%
Special Weapons 2 S-Mine 10%


4 SS soldiers enter a abandoned warehouse looking fo the Berets the lead soldier yells"Gespalten auf!(split up)"The Berets enter the warehouse and split up searching for the Nazis.The 4th soldier is encountered by the 4th Beret they pull their pistols and fire,but ironiclly they shoot each other at the same time killing each other.The 3rd Beret runs down a corridor with his M4 A1 in his left hand and M67 in his right, he throws his M67 around a corner injuring the 3rd SS soldier.The soldier pulls his MP18 and fires clipping the edge of the wall and the Beret fires his gun killing the SS soldier.He then runs,meanwhile the lead Beret pulls a flashbang and his M24 he sees the 2nd soldier and tosses the flashbang,blinding the soldier who pulls his STG 44 and fires tons of random shots one landing in the Beret's leg,the Beret then counters and shoots the SS soldier in the heart.The lead SS runs down a corridor plants a S-mine and sees a Beret running towards him he runs the corner and activates the mine killing the troop.The lead SS soldier then pulls his Flammenwerfer and sees last soldier and fires the Flammenwerfer and burns the soldier to death.He then runs meeting his troop and starts talking with him,then the last troop is shot in the head by the Beret 30ft away.The SS leader then pulls his Walther and chases the last Beret,once he ran in the room the Beret was in his face was hacked up by his E-tool.Victorious he then says"I have to retire soon,this job is killing me."And then exits then complex.

Green Berets:Wins

Nazi Waffen SS:Loses

I was not surprised the Berets were victorious with 541 battles and the SS with 459 battles.