Ninja Sensi

Ninja Sensi the brutal teachers of the Ninja V.S. Werewolves the brutal killers who transform during the full moon.

Werewolf Weapons
Short Range Hand Combat 50%
Special Weapons Wolf Form 20%
Pyshical Weapon Speed 30%

Ninja Seni's Weapons
Short Range Gold Staff 30%
Mid Range Kantana 20%
Long Range Shapened Edged Hat 30%
Special Weapons Spear Axe 20%


4 ninja sensis walk into the dojo and turn watching the entrance.The 4 werewolves then burst through the wall and start attacking the ninja tries to slice one with hs sword but misses and the werewolf slices him.Then the 2nd throws his hat through one of the wolves head and then the rest of the ninjas disappear into the forest.The wolves follow the 3rd ninja then charges into the 2nd wolf with his spear axe and kills the wolf only to find himself bitten by the 3rd wolf.The 3rd Sensi then encounters the lead werwolf and tries to hit him with his staff,but is then decapitated by the werewolf leader.The lead sensi then encounters the last 2 wolves he then kills one with his sharpened hat,but is sliced reepeatedly by the lead werewolf.The wolf finally bites the sensi's neck,lifts his head and howls at the moon.


Ninja Sensi :Loses

I had a feeling Werewolves would win with their 600 wins and the Ninja Sensi with 400 wins.