Ninjas the Japanese Samarai killers who were known as the silent knights V.S. Zombies the murderous killers who's numbers grow per hour

Ninja's weapons
Short Range Kantana 20%

Mid Range

Nunchucks 60%
Long Range Shuriekens 10%
Special Weapons Black Eggs 10%


Zombie captain

Zombies weapons
Short Range Bite and Hands 90%
Mid Range Small Club 10%

4 ninjas

200 zombies


200 zombies come out of the cemetary and are looking for new blood.4 ninjas are hiding in the trees waiting for the zombies.50 zombies walk underneath the 4th ninja and he springs into action he pulls out his kantana and starts slashing up some zombies he was able to take out 20 before 4 grab his limbs,holding him down so they can start biting him the 3rd ninja hears his sceams and rushs through the tree tops and when he gets there he discovers his ninja friend is now a zombie so he now flees.The 2nd ninja drops to the ground and enters the cemetary he then sees he is now locked in, then he turns and sees 50 zombies approaching he throws black eggs into 10 of their eyes but then jumps and pulls out his nunchucks and starts smacking away.When he sees this is not working he pulls his shuriekens and starst throwing he kills a total of 30 zombies.He then jumps over the gate and sees a fellow ninja he then runs to him turns him then he sees he is a zombie.The 3rd ninja starts running deeper in the forest and is confronted by 80 zombies he pulls his kantana and slices,but then he finds his 2 ninja friends as zombies.They then pin him down and the horde starts to feast.The lead ninja meets his 2 ninja-zombie friends and draws his sword he charges then he realizes that he is pinned then he feels them eating him.Once finish the zombies utter a huge moan.