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Strong violent warrior entertainment for the Romans V.S. Pirates

the brutal warriors who pillaged the seas of the caribean.


Pirate Leader

Gladiator Weapons
Short Range Short Sword 50%
Mid Range Spear and Shield 35%
Long Range Net 10%
Special Weapons Hand Combat 5%
Pirate Weapons
Short Range Cutlass 50%
Mid Range Flintlock Pistol 20%
Long Range Blunderbuss 20%
Special Weapons Grenado 10%


5 pirates aproach the shore,the lead pirate sends 2 pirates to the forest and him and another pirate head to the collosoum and he tells the last pirate to stay with the boat.The lead pirate and the 4th pirate enter the colloseum

and are confronted by two Gladiators.The forth pirate raises his pistol and shoots at the Gladiator.The gladiator lifts his shield but the bullet tears right through it killing him.The fellow gladiator throws his spear through the 4th pirates head.Then the lead pirate throws his grenado at the gladiator and explodes.The pirate looks into the stands and sees the lead gladiator standing there.The lead pirate follows the lead gladiator out of the coloseum.

The 3rd pirate stalks through the forest and he snaps a branch under his boot.Then the 2nd gladiator comes out from behind him and throws his net on him and stabs him with his sword injuring him.Then the 2nd pirate jumps out and blasts the 2nd gladiator with his Blunderbuss.The 2nd pirate starts trying to help the 3rd pirate out of the

net,but then the 5th gladiator runs up behind the 2nd pirate and puts his arm around his throat.Then the Gladiator pulls out his sword killing the pirate.Then he kills his fellow pirate stuck in the net.Back at the boat he sees the lead gladiator rushing towards him yelling he pulls up his rifle and misses his shot.Then the lead gladiator runs up and starts sword dueling with him.Back in the forest the lead pirate is confronted by the 5th gladiator who stabs him with his spear.The pirate returns the vavor with a shot to the head with his flintlock pistol.The lead pirate stumbles out of the forest and sees his fellow pirate dead.He runs up to him and then sees the last gladiator,he then rushes the gladiator,cutlass drawn.Then the gladiator finishes him by charging his spear through him.He then roars in victory.