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Persian Immortal

Spartans the Greek warriors that trampled the Persian's in the Battle of Thermopolye V.S. A Persian Immortal who also partcipated in The Battle for Thermopolye

Persian Immortal's Weapons
Short Range Sagaris 30%
Mid Range Spear 30%
Long Range Bow and Arrow 20%
Special Weapons Chariot Sythe 20%

Lego spartan warrior

Spartan Warrior

Spartan Weapons
Short Range Xiphos 10%
Mid Range Javelin 5%
Long Range Spear 35%
Special Weapons Shield 50%


4 Spatans exit the forest and sees the Pesian camp ground and start to approach when they see a arrow whiz right into the 4th Spartan's head. The lead Spartan then launches his spear through the 4th Persian's head and then the Spartans charged.The Persians then fled into the forest the 2nd Spartan meet's with the 2nd Persian they both pull their signature weapons the Spartan's Xiphos and the Persian's Sagaris they run at each other and the Sagaris gets to it's target and kills.Then the 3rd Spartan appears and throws his javelin through the Persian's chest he then he stabs him more just to be sure he is dead.The 3rd Spartan wanders eventually finding the lead Persian on a chariot and runs into him with the chariot sythe,cutting his legs off then the Persian's spear goes through his head.The lead Spartan then meets the last Persian and the Spartan then stabs the Xiphos in his chest.Then the leaders meet with their short range weapons,they charge at each other the the Xiphos lands it's target and the Spartan yells to the skies.


Persian Immortal:Loses

I was not surprised the Spartan won with 515 wins against Persian Immortal's 485 wins.