Teddy Roosevely

Teddy Roosevelt the Rough Rider leader who became American's 26th president V.S. Pancho Villa the South American gurriela fighter who drove out invaders who were staying there.

Teddy Roosevelt's Weapons
Short Range Bowie Hunter Knife 30%
Mid Range 1896 Crag Carbine 40%
Long Range Gataling Gun 20%
Special Weapons Horses 10%
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Pancho Villa

Pancho Villa's Weapons
Short Range Bolo Knife 30%
Mid Range Colt Bisley 30%
Long Range 1894 Winchester Repeating Rifle 30%
Special Weapons Horses 10%


Teddy and 4 of his Rough Riders appear over a hill looking over the Villa's camp,they load their Gataling Gun and Rifles and take aim and fire.Pancho and his men appear to see what is up and one of the men is hit by the Gataling gun's bullet's killing him.Then the Villa's and Pancho fire back with their rifles and one of the bullets hits the Gataling gun operator.The Rough Riders then charge firing at the Villa's.Pancho fires and kills one of Teddy's men and Teddy kills another of his,so he flees with his troops Teddy and his men follow.One of the Villa's pulls his Colt Bisley and fires at the Rough Rider that is following,but misses and he turns and pulls his knife.The Rough Rider pulls his and they attack both wounding each other,but the Rough Rider kills with a second attack at first he is happy to have defeated him,but then is blasted in the back of the head by Pancho.Teddy and his last men are confronted by Pancho's last Villa,he fires his Colt right into the last Rough Rider's heart.Teddy then fires his last bullet killing the Villa.Then Pancho appears and charges at Teddy with his knife,but Teddy pulls his and stabs him through the heart.He then yells Victory!

Teddy Roosevelt:Wins

Pancho Villa: Loses

I was not surprised about this win.Teddy Roosevelt won with a total of 628 kills and Pancho Villa with 372.