Vampire Slayers

vampire slayers

Vampire Slayers the elite force with one task to kill all vampires V.S. Werewolf Hunters the elite force with only one job kill werewolves.

Vampire Slayer's weapons
Short range Sword of St.George 20%
Mid Range Shotgun w/blessed rounds 30%
Long Range Crossbow 20%
Special Weapons Wooden Stake 30%
Werewolf Hunter

werewolf hunter

Werewolf Hunter's Weapons
Short Range Silver Stake 10%
Mid Range Revolver w/Silver Bullets 30%
Long Range 1897 Shmidt Rubin Rifle w/Silver rounds 40%
Special weapons Crossbow w/silver tipped arrows 20%


4 Vampire Slayers in a jeep approach a small Transilvanian village one of them telling the others about his action filled adventures in the Transilvanian mountains hunting Vampires.4 Werewolf hunters hiding in the building watch them intently the lead tells the others to grab their guns,stakes,and crossbows and kill these intruders.The lead hunter pulls out his Schmidt Rubin and loads it aiming at the jeep's driver he fires landind the shot in his head."What the-"yells the lead slayer pulling his shotgun and firing at the building where the shot came from,fortunately the shot missed and he yelled"Must be those gun slinging vampires let's kill em!"The slayers jump out of the jeep and have their weapons out,each one different than the other slayer's.As they enter they see the werewolf hunters in their hats and overcoats"At least it is not Dracula."one of the slayer's joked with a stake in his hand he lunged ant the lead hunter who easily ripped through him with his silver sharpened stake.He then tells his fellow hunters to get them,but the lead slayer and his friend pull their swords and kill 2 of the hunters.The female pulls out her crossbow and fires missing as she tries to reload the last hunter fires his crossbow and kills her.He then switches to his revolver,but is then shot by the slayer leader's shotgun.He then turns and faces the last hunter with his sword drawn the hunter laugh and fires his revolver clipping the slayer's leg injuring him.He then is about to fire his gun at his head,but he is then stabbed in the leg with a wooden stake the hunter falls and the slayer drives the stake through his head.Yelling in victory he gets up and limps over to his jeep and drives away.

Vampire Slayers:Wins

Werewolf Hunters:Loses

I was a bit shocked I thought for sure the hunters would win with their weapons.The Vampire Slayers won with a total of 548 kills and Werewolf Hunters with 452 kills.