Orc Sorcerer

Vampires the Transelvanian bloodsuckers first thought of by Bram Stroker with his famous novel Dracula V.S. a Orc vicious creatures said to live in the wolrd of the famous novel Lord of The Rings.

Orc's Weapons
Short Range Flesh ripping Bite 20%
Mid Range Orc's Sword 20%
Long Range Orc Axe 30%
Special Weapons Orc Spike Club 30%



Vampire's Weapons
Short Range Vampire Bite 50%
Mid Range Hand Combat 50%


4 Vampires start to enter the Orc's camp,but the 4 Orcs are waiting for them to get in range for their attack.The Vampires approach the forest and the Orcs start their attack.The lead Orc chops a Vampire's head off with his sword then the lead Vampire bites on of the Orcs then claws him repeatedly.The Orcs and Vampires start to split up chasing each other the lead Vampire is being chased by the lead Orc.The 4th Vampire and the 4th Orc meet and start to attack each other the Orc starts with his axe and the Vampire dodges and counters with his claws scrapping the armor of the Orc,the Orc then tries to bite him,but his neck is clawed off.The last Orc is met with the last Vampires the Orc kills on Vampire by throwing his Spike Club through the Vampire's head then both Vampire and Orc charge at each other.They both get their blades into each other at the same time killing each other.The 2 leaders stop and charge the Orc swings his Axe,but get's it stuck in a log turns and sees the Vampire come up and slice and dice him.When he is done he heads underground before the sun comes up.



I was not surprised by the results the Vampire had 594 kills and the Orcs with 406 kills.