North Korean Special Forces

North Korean Special Forces the elite Korean army that might start World War III V.S. Viet Cong the Vietnease task force that killed several American warriors who came to Vietnam.

North Korean Special Ops Weapons
Meele Tae Kwon Do and Hapikido 20%
Short Range Makarov Pistol 10%
Mid Range Type 56 Assult Rifle 20%
Long Range PSL Sniper Rifle 10%
Special Weapons RPG-7 20%
Explosive Weapons Box Mine 20%

Viet Cong

Viet Cong

Viet Cong Weapons
Short Range Tokorev TT-33 Pistol 20%
Long Range MAT-49 30%
Explosive Weapons F-1 and POMZ-2 30%
Special Weapons Punji stakes 20%


4 Viet Cong soldiers walk through a marshy area around the Special Ops base they pull their guns and one of them sets 5,F-1 and POMZ-2 traps and 6,Punji stake traps and continues with his comrades.The lead Cong says to his men,"Hay co nhu'ng Han Quoc num vu cao su!"They then run and try to take the base,but one of the troops walked onto a box mine.The lead Korean comes out with his troops and yells to attack,they then charge and one of the troops falls into a punji stakes pit.The lead Cong yells"TAN CONG!!!"they then pull their rifles and pistols and charge.The lead Korean tells his men to pull their rifles and signles to his sniper to fire killing one of the Cong.The Cong then fire their guns killing the sniper.The lead Korean then pulls his RPG fires and misses his shot.He then runs into the base and the other after the last Cong troop.He then sees a tripwire and cuts it before realizing it was a F1 and POMZ trap he was blown to bits.The last Cong then runs after his boss to help him and is confronted by the lead Korean who starts attacking with Tae Kwon Do and Hapikido disarming the Cong he pulls his rifle and fires.He then meets the lead Cong and does the same thing except he straps him to the base he then runs a fair distance away and fires his RPG blowing up his target he then yells victory and walks away.

North Korean Special Ops:Wins

Viet Cong:Loses

I was not surprised because the Special Ops had better weapons and everything.The NKSO(North Korean Special Ops)won with 579 kills and Viet Cong with a 421 kills.