Lego s4 musketeer


French Musketeer deadly french defenders in the ancient times V.S. A Viking brutal killer from the far north who slaughtered and pillaged.

Musketeer's Weapons
Short Range Raphier and Main Gouge 50%
Mid Range Wheel Lock Pistol 10%
Long Range Flintlock Musket Rifle 20%
Specail Weapons Grenade 20%

Lego s4 viking


Viking Weapons
Short Range Broad Axe 50%
Mid Range Long Sword 10%
Long Range Spears 20%
Special Weapons Sheild 20%


4 Vikings approach the French Castle"Au Revoir",but the Musketeers are readying for their attack.The lead Viking throws a spear over the wall hitting a Musketeer in the head,then the lead Musketeer calls fo an attack they pull their Flintlock Muskets and fire one of them hit their mark and the bullet went right through the Viking's chainmail going straight through him.The Musketeers then exit the castle and give chase,both teams split up and the 3rd Musketeer meets the 3rd Viking.They pull their swords and start to duel the battle is not long the Musketeer disarms the Viking and slices his head off.The 2nd Viking is walking through the brush and meets the 3rd Musketeer and he is wounded by his last battle,he pulls his axe and attacks,but misses and is shot by the Wheel Lock pistol in the helmet but it only disorienented him.The Viking then raises his axe and kills the Musketeer.But he starts to walk and his head is slowly bleeding out he then finds the 2nd Musketeer and gets ready,but is blown up by the grenade before he has a chance to react.The lead Musketeer meets up with him and is happy to see he is alive,but then a spear flies through his head and chest and he sees the lead Viking on the hill.They then chage at each other and they start to duel,but it is short because the Rapier meets with the Viking's sword and he pulls his pistol and shoots through his head.He then exclaims"VICTORY!" in french.



I was very surprised I thought the Viking would win the day.The Musketeer had 734 kills against the Viking's 266 kills.