Vlad surrounded by Victims

Vlad The Impaler the monsterous leader of the Romanian people who was the inspiration for Dracula V.S. King Tut the most famous warrior leader of the Egytian people.

Vlad The Impaler's Weapons
Short Range Turko Mongo Saber 30%
Mid Range Halberd 30%
Long Range Javelin 8%
Special Weapons Hand Cannon 30%
Finishing Weapon Wooden Pole 2%

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King Tut

King Tut's Weapons
Short Range Scimitar 20%
Mid Range Slingshot 10%
Long Range Spear 40%
Special Weapons Horses 10%
Protective weapons Scarab Sheild 20%


Tut's men are walking towards the forest where Vlad's camp grounds are.Vlad's men attack before Tut even has a chance to react one of Vlad's men throws a javelin through one of Tut's men.One of Tut's men throws a spear through one of the Romanian warrior's heads.One of Tut's men take a sling shot and launches a rock into a man of Vlad into his head.Vlad takes his Turko Mongo Saber out and runs after Tut,his men try to follow but are stopped by Tut's men one of Vlad's men uses his Hand Cannon to blow up one of the Egyptians,but after he is cut in half by one of Tut's men with the Scimitar and then is cut in half by the Halberd.Then both Tut's last warrior and Vlad's last warrior charge at each other Tut's man with the Spear and Vlad's man with his Halberd both killing each other at the same time.Tut and Vlad then start dueling with their signature weapons Scimitar and the Turko Mongo Saber Tut decisively dodges each attack hit's him with his cobra staff then stabs him.

King Tut:Wins

Vlad The Impaler:Loses

I was surprised by this win Vlad with only 426 kills against Tut's 574.