Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar The Roman emporer who conquered many countries V.S. William Wallce Scottish warrior who killed thousands of the knights that were controling Scottland.

William Wallaces Weapons
Short Range War Hammer 10%
Mid Range Claymore 50%
Long Range Ball and Chain 20%
Special Weapons Targe and Dirk 20%
William wallace

William Wallace

Julius Caesar's Weapons
Short Range Gladius 50%
Mid Range Pilum 10%
Long Range Plumbata Darts 10%
Special Weapons Dolabra Axe 30%


William Wallace walk into a empty field as it starts to rain with 4 of his men,while 4 of Julius's men and Julius Caesar approach the field.They meet and William Wallace stikes first by throwing his Ball and Chain hitting one of Caesar's men in the face.Caeser then fires his Pilum at a highlander killing him.They then draw their swords and send their troops at each other,a centurion then throws Plumbata darts into one of the highlander's neck.Caesar then takes out his axe and chops in half one of William's men.They see it starts to rain one of the centurions look up and are distracted while William Wallace smashes his head with his hammer.Caesar then stabs one of William's men,then kills the other troop.While that was happening William killed the last troop with his Claymore.The leaders turn and look at each other both yelling,they charge William's Claymore goes into the neck of his opponent and pulls it to the side chopping his neck off.His hair is stuck to his face by mud and blood,he gives a short victory cry and limps away.

William Wallace:Wins

Julius Caesar:Loses

I was surprised by the results with William Wallace won with 575 kills and Julius Caesar with 425 kills.